General Product Questions

Is the AclaraWell respirator better than a cloth mask?

Absolutely. In general, the filtration and fit of cloth masks are inferior compared to medical masks and respirators. Our respirators use an electro-spun nano fiber layer to provide 98% filtration, with a soft, face-conforming fit to create a robust seal. See our test results (here).

Why are you using the KF94 format? Will you sell KN95 style masks? How should I wear the Aclarawell?

We believe the “boat”, KF94 style is more comfortable for the wearer, keeping materials away from your mouth, and not “sucking in” on the sides when you breathe. We’re not considering making KN95 style masks at this time. Also, it’s worth noting, our respirators exceed the filtration efficiency (PFE and BFE) of KF94 and KN95 requirements, per the ASTM F2100 Level-3 standard.

We like this short video on how to fit your boat-style mask.

What are PFE and BFE? Why should I care?

These abbreviations are two measurements to look out for when buying masks or respirators; they tell you how well your mask or respirator filters the air you breathe.

PFE means Particle Filtration Efficiency and BFE means Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the better you can be protected.

What is important to know is that these numbers do not mean much if your do not wear your mask properly. Creating a good seal with your respirator is important to ensure minimal air leakage.

Can I reuse the Aclarawell mask? Can I recycle it?

Yes, we make the world’s first reusable respirators! Using our patent-pending technology (see more) means that with exposure to normal light, you can reuse your mask for approximately 5 days. Replace your mask when pink color has faded or if it obviously soiled.

Everything except the ear loops in the Aclarawell mask are fully recyclable. Just remove the ear loops, and toss the mask in the recycling container!

I have sensitive skin, can I wear your mask?

Yes, our masks are latex free, and have been tested by the national SGS testing lab (see more) and deemed non-toxic.

Also, most mask-related rashes develop from the damp and warm environment inside a mask. Since our mask is the most breathable mask on the market, the temperature and humidity inside the mask are lower than other brands, so the respirator should cause less of a reaction. Additionally, our technology creates an unfriendly environment for bacteria that could cause skin irritation. If you had breakouts before, make sure to test our respirator in short and sequentially longer intervals to test your skin’s response.

Can I wash the Aclarawell mask?

No need to wash the mask - reuse it for up to a week, or when the pink fades, then replace it.

Are these masks a substitute for N95 respirators?

N95’s are made for healthcare workers and have a very tight fit around the head to secure the respirator (see more). Most people do not need this type of protection in normal daily life and find the head straps uncomfortable. However, your personal situation might be out of the ordinary so your doctor can advise you best on whether such a respirator is needed for your health.

Our respirator meets similar the ASTM F2100 Level-3 standard, which is far more breathable than N95s. Although the seal of our respirator is not as tight as a well fitted N95; our respirator does not need fit testing in order to ensure proper performance like a N95 needs.

Manufacturing & Certifications

Where are your respirators made?

Our mask are manufactured in San Diego, California, USA, with a combination of materials from USA, Spain, and Mexico.

Are your masks NIOSH approved? What is ASTM F2100?

Our masks were engineered to meet the ASTM F2100 Level-3 filtration standard (see more), which filters 98% of particles, but is significantly easier breathing than NIOSH N95 respirators. We are not seeking NIOSH approvals for this reason; our goal is safety and comfort.

What about FDA approvals?

Our masks have been tested with live-virus in a BSL2+ (Biosafety Lab) at George Washington University. We are in working with the FDA and are on an approval pathway for our respirators once we’ve conducted additional anti-viral testing.

Are your factories registered with the FDA?

Yes, our factory is registered with the FDA. (see more) The factory is certified ISO 13485, which is a medical device standard.

Real Customer Questions

Here are some thoughtful questions real Aclarawell customers have asked us.

If I use it for a few hours for a healthcare visit and then don't need to mask for a week, does it expire?

A. It won’t expire after a few hours like that, unless you’re in an intensely lit surgical suite.  We recommend that after wearing the mask, expose it to regular light (like a desk or outside) for 20-30 minutes before storing it. If you’ve been wearing it in a well lit space, then just keep it out for another 20 minutes before storing.  When storing it, make sure it’s in a dark bag or box - like a glove compartment or the bag it comes in.  

If I want to use it for a long cross country flight, will it last the entire flight from NYC to Seattle?

It will last the entire flight.  In general, the mask should last about a week of daily wear. 

Does it still filter after the color changes?

Yes, it’s made with a mechanical filter which will continue to work after it fades or even when damp.

Do you offer Wholesale discounts?

Yes, we do. Please contact us through our Wholesale Inquiry page and we will be in touch shortly.

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