Tech Forward

Made in USA Aclarawell KF94

Advanced. Fashionable. Sustainable.
Safeguarding the Future

The Road to 100%

Engineering products to be 100% biodegradable or 100% recyclable.

Why people love our masks?

  • Ultra-breathable!
  • Incredibly fine mechanical filter (electrospun nanofibers) works better than traditional meltblown
  • Fused with rose bengal—a fading indicator tells you when to replace (from pink to white)
  • Made in USA in an ISO 13845 facility with short supply chains
  • Sustainability goal to be 98% biodegradable within 1 year; 100% biodegradable within 2 years.

More About the Technology

What We Believe

Using the latest technology

Aclarawell uses the latest technology in manufacturing and material science to create the one-of-a-kind Aclarawell Respirator.

Designing for high fashion

We are also fashion focused; marrying both design and technology in creating our products.

Making sustainable products

We aim to make products with environmentally sustainable methods, using sustainable, and recyclable materials.

Manufacturing in the USA

We manufacture in the United States of America, reducing the need for extensive supply chains, and reducing your carbon footprint.

How Nanofibers Compare To Traditional Meltblown

Aclarawell masks & respirators are manufactured using the latest technological advances in electrospun nanofibers, which make for an incredibly tight weave when compared to traditional meltblown. Nanofibers capture particles as small as 0.30 µm (microns or micrometer) mechanically and do not require electrostatic "charging" to assist in the capture of particles. For reference, aerosolized particles are <5µm (Please see the chart of small particles below).