Our Technology

Higher Breathability, More Powerful Filtration

Aclarawell masks & respirators feature the "Aclara Layer" which is made of electrospun nanofibers fused with rose bengal. The high-tech layer creates a mechanical filter barrier which physically prevents 95-99% of all particulate matter from passing through the mask. 

A Closer Look

A closer look at the Aclara Layer through an electron microscope reveals how dense and effective physical filter barriers look at the submicron level. 


A Mask & Respirator Comparison

Fabric Mask w/o Filter KN95/KF94 w/ traditional meltblown Aclarawell w/ Aclara Layer
Filter Material None Traditional Meltblown Nanofibers
Filtration Mechanism None Electrostatic charge combined with brownian motion Mechanical, physical filtration using nanofibers in a web-like structure
Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE)
30% 95-99% 95-99%
Reusability Reusable Single-use Only Multi-use (3-4x longer than traditional)
Breathability Depends on fabric Higher inhalation/exhalation resistance Ultra low inhalation/exhalation resistance
Environmental Impact
Low impact if manufactured sustainability Hazardous without recycling Reusability and Manufacturing practices reduce carbon footprint